What are the best Qualtrics competitors and alternatives? | Thematic (2023)

Looking for alternatives to Qualtrics? Is it because the features don't match? Do you find it difficult to use? Or is the price the problem?

In this article, we take a look at the pros and cons of Qualtrics' top competitors to help you decide on the best experience management solution and survey tool.

We recently looked through thousands of public reviews of thisTop 10 Survey Solutionsuse themestext analysis. Our software encodes customer feedback, which allows us to compare the top pros and cons of Qualtrics alternatives.

As we look at each of Qualtrics' top competitors, we'll share the insights Thematic has gleaned from analyzing public reviews of each survey solution.

What are the best Qualtrics competitors and alternatives? | Thematic (1)

What is Qualtrics?

Qualtrics is a popular experience management solution that allows users to create and analyze customer and employee surveys. Qualtrics is best known for its advanced survey capabilities, which include specialized templates for employee, product, and customer experience management.

Why you might decide to buy or stay with Qualtrics

Afterour research, Qualtrics users are more likely to use the platform to design customer experience surveys. 5% of Qualtrics users highlighted the professional aspect of Qualtrics questionnaires, compared to 2.7% of users of other survey tools. And when it came to configuring and deploying Qualtrics' research and analytics solution and tools, the online survey tool performed almost as well as its competitors.

In terms of functionality, twice as many reviewers commented on Qualtrics' feature count compared to similar solutions. It is a versatile solution with excellent dashboard and statistical analysis capabilities. It also has many customization and self-service tools.

What are the best Qualtrics competitors and alternatives? | Thematic (2)

Blue = Qualtrics | Orange = All other solutions

One of the biggest pluses that Qualtrics users reported was their "excellent customer service." This was mentioned by 51.5% of respondents, compared to 41.3% of those using other survey tools.

Reasons not to use Qualtrics

Ease of use and training needs

Based on our research, Qualtrics had the highest percentage of negative reviews that mentioned "user experience." People said the software wasn't intuitive and training was needed to get the most out of it.

What are the best Qualtrics competitors and alternatives? | Thematic (3)

Very expensive

Some consider Qualtrics to be an expensive solution compared to its competitors. Pricing is available upon request only, but budget $1,500 per year for your basic Research Core 1 package.

As a customer experience management solution, Qualtrics isn't as expensive as some of the alternatives, but you have to take advantage of all the features to make it worthwhile. And as mentioned above, this requires training.

Limited text parsing functionality

While Qualtrics has great features overall, it falls short when it comes to text analytics. If you collect a lot of textual feedback from your customers through surveys or other means, this feature is essential. Qualtrics has a TextIQ solution, but it either creates very generic categories or requires a lot of manual input to create tagging rules and then maintain them as more comments are added.

Depending on why you're considering alternatives to Qualtrics, the following options may be helpful. Here's our list of the top 10 Qualtrics competitors, with the full analysis and breakdown of each competitor below.

Top 10 Qualtrics Competitors and Alternatives

  1. get feedback
  2. Alchemist
  3. survey monkey
  4. font
  5. SurveySparrow
  6. Sales Force Surveys
  7. Zoho Polls
  8. thematic
  9. Confirm
  10. Medal

Qualtrics competitors and more user-friendly alternatives

1. Get feedback

GetFeedback is a feedback platform from SurveyMonkey. It's designed to help businesses improve response rates thanks to its ease of use and attractive ready-to-use survey templates.

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In ourAnalysis of survey tools, respondents were much more likely to rate GetFeedback as easier to use than other survey tools. 16.9% of Getfeedback users mentioned "easy-to-build surveys," compared to just 6.9% overall. Users also rated their survey templates highly.

What are the best Qualtrics competitors and alternatives? | Thematic (4)

Probably the biggest benefit of GetFeedback is its integration with Salesforce, which was mentioned four times more than other survey tools! According to their website, that's because GetFeedback is "the only CX solution built specifically for Salesforce." While Qualtrics also offers integration with Salesforce, GetFeedback clearly has the upper hand here.

In contrast

When it comes to the negatives, GetFeedback doesn't have any big red flags. Ourthematic analysisfound that the number of users who gave negative feedback on customer service, reports and analytics, and pricing is about the same as other survey tools. Compared to Qualtrics, it's worth noting that GetFeedback has limited customization and has been described by users as "too basic".


GetFeedback offers affordable pricing plans that make it profitable even for small businesses. Their professional package costs $50 per month for a single user and includes 1000 replies per month.


A cost-effective alternative to creating simple surveys.

What are the best Qualtrics competitors and alternatives? | Thematic (5)

2. Alchemer (ehemals SurveyGizmo)

In Alchemer, users can use templates or create online surveys and forms from scratch and generate detailed reports.


One of Alchemer's key strengths is its ease of entry. "Setup and Deployment" was rated positively by 65.5% of those surveyed. Alchemer offers a good user experience, mentioned by 77.4% of respondents. And the platform's customization capabilities were cited by 27% of respondents. Our research also showed that Alchemer simplified the creation of surveys compared to other platforms.

What are the best Qualtrics competitors and alternatives? | Thematic (6)

In contrast

Alchemer's main drawback is its price, cited by 19.6% of respondents, compared to 11.8% lower for the other survey tools. Respondents also indicated that they would like better editing features, with 6% of respondents talking about bugs in the platform versus just1%of respondents for the other platforms.


Alchemer pricing starts at $49 per month per user for the Collaborator package, which offers unlimited polls and responses.


Great user experience and easy to set up, but the price is a bit higher than other similar tools.

3. SurveyMonkey

SurveyMonkey was designed to help even beginners create surveys quickly and easily. Unlike Qualtrics, SurveyMonkey has limited analytics capabilities.


In our analysis of customer feedback, SurveyMonkey scored highly for user experience and also ranked second for "Configuration and Deployment," just behind Alchemer. Other positive themes in the reviews included "Data Collection", "Create Surveys" and "Easy to Create Surveys", suggesting that the platform makes it easy to collect customer feedback through its accessible survey builder.

Compared to Qualtrics, SurveyMonkey has the upper hand when it comes to integrations. In total, it has 100+ pre-built integrations ready to use. You can also draw on two decades of data for better machine learning, compared to just 5 years at Qualtrics. While Qualtrics' use of AI focuses on analytics, SurveyMonkey uses AI throughout the survey creation process. This helps users create better surveys that deliver actionable results.

In contrast

As for the downsides, respondents were very interested in the pricing: 24.2% said it was negative, compared to 11.8% for other survey tools. Respondents were also almost twice as likely to say SurveyMonkey was "expensive" compared to other platforms.

What are the best Qualtrics competitors and alternatives? | Thematic (7)

Other comments highlighted the "look and feel" to the SurveyMonkey logo and branding, which can make surveys look less professional.

(Video) Qualtrics CoreXM Review: Qualtrics is a super powerful, customizable data collection tool


SurveyMonkey offers various plans starting at $75/month for the 3-user Advantage Business plan.


Very easy to create surveys, although some find it expensive and the analysis and reporting options are very limited.

What are the best Qualtrics competitors and alternatives? | Thematic (8)

Qualtrics competitors and alternatives that are not as expensive

1. Write the form

Typeform makes it easy to design custom web forms and surveys. In general, Typeform's offering is more limited than Qualtrics', offering only basic analytics and reporting capabilities.


Typeform is ideal for customizable survey templates. Compared to Qualtrics, it is a very affordable solution to create third-party customer surveys without branding.

Typeform is also a winner when it comes to creating quizzes in different languages. Provides translation in 24 languages ​​for questions, messages and bugs. Qualtrics supports multiple languages ​​per survey but does not have a default translation.

While neither Qualtrics nor Typeform are particularly known for their integrations, Typeform has a cool feature that lets you get paid directly and that integrates with Zapier. Qualtrics is much more limited; Integrations with Salesforce and other popular platforms are paid upgrades that are not included in the standard license.

In contrast

Typeform doesn't have the extensive reporting and analysis tools you'd expect from Qualtrics.


Compared to Qualtrics, Typeform is a cheap customer survey solution. The basic plan costs $30 per month. There is even a free version for very light users that includes up to 10 answers per month and type form with up to 10 questions.


Limited analysis and reporting capabilities, but inexpensive and easy to use for online surveys.

2. Surveying Sparrow

SurveySparrow is a relatively new customer and employee experience management tool that specializes in highly engaging, mobile-friendly surveys. SurveySparrow offers NPS surveys, offline and chat surveys, and classic online forms.


A standout feature of SurveySparrow is its conversational user interface, which allows you to offer a chat-like experience instead of the traditional online survey format. According to the company, this increases survey completion rates by 40%.

Other highlights include the offline survey options that allow companies to collect feedback anytime, anywhere. SurveySparrow is also very easy to use and fully optimized for mobile devices.

In contrast

As with many of the alternative survey tools listed here, SurveySparrow has limited analytics and reporting capabilities compared to Qualtrics. Users have also mentioned difficulties accessing customer support and limited customization.


SurveySparrow also offers affordable pricing compared to Qualtrics, with a basic free plan that includes up to 50 responses per month. Their paid plans start at $30 per month for up to 300 replies per month, or $29 per month for 2,000 replies.


Excellent for creating engaging, mobile-friendly surveys.

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What are the best Qualtrics competitors and alternatives? | Thematic (9)

3. Sales Force Surveys

Although it's primarily a CRM solution, you might be surprised to learn that Salesforce also offers basic online survey tools built right out of the box. Users can create reports and dashboards in Salesforce, export survey data, and share information across their organization.


An obvious benefit of using Salesforce online surveys is that customer feedback can be instantly saved along with any other customer records that have already been uploaded to the CRM. This can be a great benefit for users who don't want to spend money on an additional tool, and it also makes it easier to integrate your Qualtrics account with Salesforce.

In contrast

Salesforce is primarily a CRM platform, so its online survey tools are very basic compared to Qualtrics. Users can make changes to the button images, text, and colors, but the overall look is rough and simplistic. The analysis and reporting tools are also very limited, especially when compared to Qualtrics.


If you already use Salesforce, pay for Salesforce surveys by purchasing a $300 response pack for every 1,000 responses. Since the price includes a full CRM system and a basic online survey tool, Salesforce definitely wins for those who just need to run basic online surveys.


A simple but useful alternative for Salesforce users who want to create basic online surveys.

4. Zoho Surveys

Zoho Survey is a simple online survey tool for market research. Like Qualtrics, it offers ready-to-use or custom survey templates, as well as interactive charts and built-in reports.


In general, Zoho Survey has features similar to Qualtrics with the option to use pre-made templates or customize your own surveys. If you already use other Zoho products, it's easy to send data to Zoho CRM or Zoho Campaigns. There are also integrations with other popular platforms including Google Apps and Mailchimp. Zoho Survey offers the possibility to translate your survey into 70 different languages.

In contrast

Zoho Survey's analytics and reports are more limited than Qualtrics. Users have also commented that the user interface seems dated compared to other survey tools and can be difficult to use.


Again, Zoho Survey compares favorably to Qualtrics. There is a free plan that includes unlimited surveys and up to 100 responses per survey, and the Plus plan is only $30 per month for unlimited responses.


Similar features to Qualtrics but easy to use alongside other Zoho products.

Qualtrics competitors and alternatives with better text analysis functionality

1. Thematic

The subject is our property.Text analysis solution. Like Qualtrics Text iQ, Thematic automates feedback analysis using AI, allowing users to gain deeper insights into their customer or employee experiences. The main difference from TextIQ and Confirmit is that you don't need to train the solution. Automatically discover topics in data. The main difference with Medallia is that it works with datasets from all industries.


Thematic is specifically designed to analyze customer feedback and leverages the latest deep learning research. The software is very accurate as topics are generated directly from comments and uses semantic similarity to continuously create topics. Another advantage is that users can easily combine their own inputs with AI to achieve even better results tailored to their business needs.

In contrast

Thematic specializes in feedback analysis, so they don't offer online survey creation and hosting directly on their platform. But users can easily connect their feedback from channels like survey platforms, review sites, live chat, and social media to Thematic using the wide range of integrations. Coincidentally, Thematic has a nativeQualtrics-Integration. So maybe you don't have to give up Qualtrics after all!


Thematic pricing starts at $500 per month for up to 1000 comments per month and up to three users.Thematic also offers a free trial.


High precision text andsentiment analysisat a reasonable price.

(Video) SurveyMonkey vs Qualtrics CoreXM: Why they switched from Qualtrics CoreXM to SurveyMonkey

2. Confirm

Confirmit is a survey solution that makes it easy to collect data across the web, mobile devices, and even CAPI (computer-assisted personal survey) systems. It also comes with built-in analysis and reporting tools.


We've found Confirmit to be one of the best survey tools in terms of setup and implementation, with over 50% of users giving positive feedback on the personalization features. It is both flexible and powerful, especially for researchers planning their surveys.

Other key benefits of Confirmit include Genius AI text analytics software.

Confirmit uses a hierarchical categorization model. You can train the system to automatically organize comments into a hierarchy of 3 or more levels.

Confirmit also offers detailed emotional analysis.

In contrast

Aside from text analysis, Confirmit's feedback analysis and reporting tools aren't as advanced as Qualtrics. Another major downside is the price. One in four reviews mentions Confirmit's price as the biggest negative.


Confirmit pricing is available upon request only and depends on the exact needs of your business.


A flexible survey solution with strong customization features, but many reviewers mentioned high prices.

3. Medal

Medallia is a customer experience and feedback solution popular with larger businesses. It's a common alternative to Qualtrics for companies that can afford the high price. Medallia offers other features besides surveys. 80% of your experiential signals are non-surveys, including email, social, web and app. Medallia uses machine learning and AI to analyze this data.


Medallia's text analytics solution is based on large, industry-specific taxonomies. It works well for companies in traditional industries like hotels and travel, where the nature of feedback doesn't change significantly.

In contrast

Negative Medallia reviews focus on issues with the mobile app and limitations in its functionality or features. A particular concern is its reporting capabilities, which have twice as many respondents speaking with negative sentiment compared to other Qualtrics survey tools and competitors.

What are the best Qualtrics competitors and alternatives? | Thematic (10)


Medallia pricing is available upon request only.


A comprehensive experience management platform to collect and analyze more than just survey data.


When it comes to the best alternatives to Qualtrics, there are certainly many options to choose from. Ultimately, this choice depends on what you want to achieve. It can be highly accurate textual analysis of your feedback or just the ability to create simple yet aesthetically pleasing survey forms for your customers or employees.

We hope this guide has made it a little easier to understand the key differences between each solution and determine what works best for your business.

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Which is better SurveyMonkey vs Qualtrics? ›

Qualtrics simply shows you both at the same time, making your job easier. As a SurveyMonkey alternative, Qualtrics sure is costlier, but you also get a pretty great feature set for the price. The great feature-loaded design of the questionnaire certainly is one of the reasons why is Qualtrics better than SurveyMonkey.

Is Qualtrics the best survey platform? ›

Qualtrics is described as the perfect tool for organizations of any size who want to conduct customer, employees, market, brand or marketing research. If you think about some advanced features You need to create a survey… Qualtrics probably has it.

What is the weakness of Qualtrics? ›

For businesses, the main con of Qualtrics is the cost. Qualtrics doesn't publish its pricing. But in our research, we found that it costs thousands of dollars a year.

Is Qualtrics or Google Forms better? ›

Qualtrics is a heavy-duty customer feedback software that demands a considerable learning curve, while Google Forms is designed with the simplest surveys in mind. This means that if you're a large organization, Google Forms might not be able to do enough. However, Qualtrics can't do everything.

Who is Qualtrics biggest competitor? ›

Top Qualtrics XM Platform Alternatives
  • SurveySparrow.
  • Medallia Experience Cloud.
  • Typeform.
  • InMoment XI Platform.
  • Forsta.
  • GetFeedback.
  • Alida CXM.
  • Alchemer.

Who is Qualtrics competitor? ›


It's a common alternative to Qualtrics for companies who can afford the high price tag. Medallia offers additional functionality aside from surveys. 80% of their experience signals are non-survey, including email, social media, web, and in-app. Medallia uses Machine Learning and AI to analyze this data.

What is the number 1 survey site? ›

The most popular surveys for cash apps of 2023

Eureka. Zap. InboxDollars Surveys. Google Opinion Rewards.

What is the most popular survey tool? ›

Top 10 Survey Software
  • Qualtrics CoreXM.
  • SurveyMonkey.
  • Google Workspace.
  • Jotform.
  • Zoho Survey.
  • QuestionPro.
  • Google Surveys.
  • Typeform.

What is the most reliable survey website? ›

Which paid survey sites are legitimate? Online surveys are a legitimate way for brands to get consumer feedback on their products and services. Some of the best survey sites include Branded Surveys, Toluna, Swagbucks, LifePoints, OnePoll, i-Say (IPSOS), InboxPounds, PopulusLive, Opinion Outpost and Valued Opinions.

What is special about Qualtrics? ›

Qualtrics is a powerful online survey tool that allows one to build surveys, distribute surveys and analyze responses from one convenient online location! It's available to all faculty, staff and students at CSULB.

What is the biggest drawback to the survey method? ›

Respondents may not feel encouraged to provide accurate, honest answers. Respondents may not feel comfortable providing answers that present themselves in a unfavorable manner. Respondents may not be fully aware of their reasons for any given answer because of lack of memory on the subject, or even boredom.

Which survey platform is better? ›

Google Forms, is one of the best free survey tools that lets you put together surveys quickly and easily via their convenient drag & drop interface. You can customize the design of the surveys. Moreover, the platform also provides you with real-time response information and charts.

What is Microsoft equivalent to Qualtrics? ›

Microsoft Forms and Qualtrics are well-known surveying tools used to collect customer feedback to improve customer experiences (CX). Both tools are reliable and widely used.

Is Qualtrics better than REDCap? ›

While REDCap can be used to collect virtually any type of data in any environment (including compliance with 21 CFR Part 11, FISMA, HIPAA, and GDPR), it is specifically geared to support online and offline data capture for research studies and operations. Qualtrics is better than Survey Monkey, Quask, and REDCap.

Why medallia is better than Qualtrics? ›

For businesses whose main objective is to create surveys, Qualtrics may be a better option; however, Medallia is better for companies looking for a complete customer experience management solution.

What is the difference between Qualtrics and REDCap? ›

REDCap Survey Features Compared to Qualtrics

REDCap has advantages over Qualtrics for granular control of HIPAA compliance, data export capabilities, longitudinal and repeated survey support and project controls. The listed unique features of each system may not reflect all current updates of Qualtrics.

Why do companies use Qualtrics? ›

Qualtrics Discover provides unbiased data and actionable insights about top customer pain points and objectives in 200 countries and territories. Now teams across the organization have additional data points for making business decisions based on what customers are telling them.

Why Qualtrics is a good tool? ›

About Qualtrics

Why use Qualtrics? Qualtrics enables you to do surveys, feedback and polls using a variety of distribution means. Results can be viewed in reports and can be downloaded. Qualtrics allows you to share surveys and results as well as collaborating with other users.

Does Amazon use Qualtrics survey? ›

Qualtrics is part of the Amazon Partner Network (APN), which includes thousands of systems integrators who specialize in AWS services and tens of thousands of independent software vendors (ISVs) who adapt their technology to work on AWS.

What database does Qualtrics use? ›

With respect to qualtrics database, we can say qualtrics stores mainly two types of data i.e. survey response data & panel data (iQ-directory).

What are the largest survey companies in the world? ›

Nielsen, Ipsos, and Kantar are the three top picks for a majority of research offerings globally. In retail measurement, Nielsen along with Information Resources, Inc. (IRI) are the two major players while consumer panel services and analytics services witness Nielsen, GfK, Ipsos, Kantar as the major ones.

What is the world's most popular free online survey tool? ›

SurveyMonkey: The World's Most Popular Free Online Survey Tool. A global leader in survey software. 20 million questions answered daily.

What is the most expensive survey? ›

Summary of Survey Methods

Personal interviews are the most expensive followed by telephone and then mail.

What is the most popular survey tool and is very easy to use? ›

Jotform is another one of the most popular online survey tools and for good reason. It's packed with flexible features to help you create sophisticated surveys, even on the free plan.

Which type of survey is most accurate? ›

Because of its speed and accuracy, it's the surveyors' primary choice to measure big parcels of land. EDMs give surveyors much more accuracy than metal measurement tapes. Various surveys, such as detail surveys and a control survey, use this technology.

What is one of the most popular survey research methods used today? ›

Online/ Email: Online survey research is one of the most popular survey research methods today.

What are the advanced features of Qualtrics? ›

Qualtrics offers an array of features: branching logic, piped text, email and contact list triggers, display logic, quotas, translation into dozens of languages, survey protections, offline survey (and related data) archival, scoring, and some advanced analytics.

What is the difference between Qualtrics and Microsoft forms? ›

Unlike Microsoft Forms, Qualtrics is a more advanced survey tool with much stronger capabilities. It is best used to survey a medium to large audience. For more information on Qualtrics, please visit the Qualtrics help page or speak with your instructional designer.

What are the core features of Qualtrics research? ›

Popular Solutions
  • Quality Management.
  • Omnichannel Listening and Analytics.
  • Sales and Retention Intelligence.
  • Digital Customer Service.
  • Social Listening.

What are the benefits and perks of Qualtrics? ›

We provide medical, dental, and vision insurance, 20+ days of annual leave, generous retirement fund contributions, bonuses, and tons of career mobility. WORK HARD/PLAY HARD For every bit of hard work we put in, we have twice the fun.

What are the reviews of Qualtrics? ›

Qualtrics is robust, flexible and versatile

Qualtrics has excellent options for the creation of surveys with a high level of personalization, which allows obtaining precise results that help improve decision-making. This platform provides an easy way to gather information without coding, and setup is quick.

What type of sampling does Qualtrics use? ›

Simple Random Sampling: The Ultimate Guide | Qualtrics.

What is the best data collection method? ›

Primary Data Collection Methods. Primary data refers to data collected from first-hand experience directly from the main source. It refers to data that has never been used in the past. The data gathered by primary data collection methods are generally regarded as the best kind of data in research.

What is best worst method survey design? ›

Best-worst scaling (BWS) is a survey method for assessing individuals' priorities. It identifies the extremes—best and worst items, most and least important factors, biggest and smallest influences—among sets.

What is one major problem with the survey method? ›

Unfortunately, a major problem in all survey research is that respondents are almost always self-selected. Not everyone who receives a survey is likely to answer it, no matter how many times they are reminded or what incentives are offered.

Which Microsoft tool is best for questionnaire? ›

Microsoft Forms is the survey tool that allows you to create surveys and quizzes for your internal or external use. The biggest values of the Forms tool are: super fast and easy creation of surveys.

Does Microsoft have a survey tool? ›

Microsoft Forms. Surveys, Polls, and Quizzes.

Does Microsoft have a survey program? ›

Microsoft Forms - Easily create surveys, quizzes, and polls.

Is Qualtrics owned by Microsoft? ›

On November 11, 2018, it was announced that Qualtrics would be acquired by SAP for US$8 billion. The acquisition was completed on January 23, 2019. On July 26, 2020, SAP announced its intent to take Qualtrics to the public, and on January 28, 2021, Qualtrics began trading on the Nasdaq.

Does Harvard use Qualtrics? ›

Qualtrics accounts are available at qualtrics.harvard.edu to all current Harvard affiliates, except those in Health Services and the Medical, Dental, and Business Schools--which have their own Qualtrics licenses.

How many companies use Qualtrics? ›

We have data on 19,517 companies that use Qualtrics. The companies using Qualtrics are most often found in United States and in the Higher Education industry. Qualtrics is most often used by companies with 50-200 employees and 1M-10M dollars in revenue.

Why is Qualtrics better than SurveyMonkey? ›

Consider who uses Qualtrics vs SurveyMonkey

SurveyMonkey is the top choice for small businesses and community organizations because they see it as an easy tool to use — and to train others to use. Qualtrics, on the other hand, focuses on developing advanced tools for enterprise markets.

What are the disadvantages of SurveyMonkey? ›

  • Survey monkey does have some drawbacks. ...
  • Also, Survey Monkey has a limited selection when it comes to survey customization. ...
  • Formatting a survey with Survey Monkey can be challenging for some people. ...
  • Using Survey Monkey in the classroom can also be chalenging for the students.

What is the best platform for surveys? ›

Top 10 Survey Software
  • Qualtrics CoreXM.
  • SurveyMonkey.
  • Google Workspace.
  • Jotform.
  • Zoho Survey.
  • QuestionPro.
  • Google Surveys.
  • Typeform.

What is the most popular online survey? ›

  1. HubSpot Free Online Form Builder. Best for Conversions. ...
  2. SurveyMonkey. Best for Simple Surveys. ...
  3. SurveySparrow. Best for Embedding. ...
  4. Lucky Orange. Best for Segmentation. ...
  5. ProProfs Survey Maker. Best for Small Surveys. ...
  6. Delighted. Best for Quick & Simple Customer Survey Solution. ...
  7. Sogolytics. Best for In-Depth Surveys. ...
  8. Typeform.
Oct 31, 2022

What makes SurveyMonkey unique? ›

We offer expert-written questions and over 100 customizable templates. You can also create surveys from scratch or copy and paste questions you've already written into a survey.

What is the major disadvantage of questionnaire surveys? ›

Survey fatigue is a major problem with questionnaires. Poorly designed surveys with convoluted questions tend to increase the non-response rate. It will not be possible for you to create a successful strategy with the limited data you receive.

What is the most reputable survey company? ›

Swagbucks are one of the largest and most reliable paid survey sites. They've so far paid over $600,000,000 in rewards to members around the world. They offer rewards for playing games, taking offers, searching the web, making online purchases and watching videos!


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