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Suppose you are looking for a distribution company that provides business services for your office. Then you've come to the right place at Staples. This store would be a great place for small business owners as they provide services at a low cost.

Staples is recognized as one of the largest office equipment companies in the industry with a wide range of products.

To simplify the process of purchasing consumables and equipment, find out about Staples hours of operation in advance.

To ease your troubles, we have provided information about Staples opening hours in this post. In addition, you can get an idea of ​​the nearest Staples stores with their opening hours in advance.


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Staples opening times

Staples Hours: What time does Staples open and close? - Trendy WebZ (1)

It's frustrating to look everywhere for Staples hours and wonder when they open. To save you the cost of traveling to a Staples store, we've got you covered in one place.

Staple retailers are usually open from early morning to late evening on weekdays. The working hours are from 08:00 to 21:00.

Staples stores do not have the same hours on weekends. Even the working hours on Saturday and Sunday are different from each other.

They may open later or close earlier on weekends compared to normal days.

It is important to remember both the regular office hours and the holiday hours that Staples uses. Because on some holidays they can shorten or change the time, and on others they can be off all day.

Hours of operation on weekdays, weekends and holidays may vary from store to store depending on specific locations.

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We've tried to allay your concerns about Staples opening hours by compiling important information about Staples in this article.

Opening hours Staples store

Staples stores generally open at 8:00 AM and close at 9:00 PM on weekdays (Monday through Friday).

The table below shows the general opening hours so that you can see it at a glance.

On working daysWorking hoursClosure
Monday8:00 in the morning9:00 PM
Tuesday8:00 in the morning9:00 PM
Wednesday8:00 in the morning9:00 PM
Thursday8:00 in the morning9:00 PM
Friday8:00 in the morning9:00 PM

Please refer to Staples opening hours above and plan your trip to their stores. However, opening hours may vary in different areas.

Let's say you are in Arizona; stores like Prescott, Staples Lake Havasu City or Queen Creek are available from 8am to 9pm.

On the other hand, Georgia stores such as Fayetteville, Canton and LaGrange open at 9 a.m. and close at 8 p.m.

We see that there are differences in opening hours at different Staples stores. So it might be better to check out Staples for a few hours before heading to one of their stores.

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What time does Staples open?

Staples stores usually stay open all week. However, working hours on weekdays and weekends differ from each other.

On working days (Monday to Friday) they open at 8:00 am.

Staples stores are open on weekends, but have no regular hours. It starts Saturday at 9am.

Sunday hours start one hour later on Saturday at 10:00 AM.

However, opening hours vary from store to store depending on location. Therefore, it is better to check the opening hours before visiting their shops.

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What time do the paperclips close?

Learning the exact closing time can help you avoid leaving at the wrong time. Typically, Staples stores close at 9:00 PM on weekdays (Monday through Friday).

As mentioned earlier, the Staples stores are also open on weekends, but with different hours.

Shops close at 8 p.m. on Saturdays and 6 p.m. on Sundays, which is earlier than usual.

However, Staples hours of operation may vary from store to store. So it's a good idea to check local opening hours before visiting their stores.


Staples hour Saturday

Although Saturday is a weekend day, Staples office suppliers remain open, but with different hours than normal days.

On Saturdays, shops generally open at 9am and close at 8pm.

WeekendOpening timeClosing time
Saturday9:00 in the morning8:00 PM

Staples Saturday hours may vary in different areas depending on specific locations.

However, we recommend that you check your local store's opening hours on Saturday via their website before visiting.

Stacks Sunday

We've seen Staples open on weekends in the past as well. Shops have limited opening hours on Sunday compared to regular days.

Typically, most Staples stores open late on Sundays and close early. They open at 10am and close at 6pm.

WeekendOpening timeClosing time
Sunday10:00 substance18:00 substance

However, Staples Sunday hours may vary by store depending on location.

So it might be a good idea to check the Sunday hours of your local Staples stores before stopping by.

Staples Vacation Hours

The real question is whether Staples stores are open during the holiday season. You can be stress-free as we give you an idea of ​​Staples opening hours during the holiday season.

Instead of closing stores completely, this office supply store opens late or closes earlier than usual on most holidays. For some major holidays, they close all their stores completely.

Check below to see which holidays Staples opens and closes.

DatumHolidaysOpen close
January 1stNew YearOpen
January 17thMartin Luther King Jr. DayOpen
February 21stPresident's DayOpen
March 1Mardi Gras Vette DinsdagOpen
17th of MarchSint Patrick's DayOpen
15 aprilGood FridayOpen
17 aprilEaster SundayClosed
5 meiMay boxOpen
8 meimothers DayOpen
30 meiMemorial DayOpen
June 19The day of June 16Open
4th of Julyindependence DayOpen
5 septemberPraznik radaOpen
11 novemberColumbus dayOpen
31 novemberHalloweenOpen
11 novemberA veteranOpen
24 novemberThanksgivingClosed
25 novemberBlack FridayOpen
24 decemberChristmas EveOpen
25 decemberChristmasClosed
26 decemberBoxing DayOpen
31 decemberOld yearOpen

Staples stores usually adjust their hours during the holiday season. Get answers to your questions on which holidays Staples opens or closes its store from the list above.

Holidays when the Staples stores are closed all day

  • Easter Sunday
  • Thanksgiving
  • Christmas

In addition to these three holidays, you can visit Staples and do some shopping.

Staples Hours near me

There are more than 1,040 and 40 Staples stores in the United States. Therefore, the opening time of the store completely depends on the location of the business.

Because there are so many locations, finding the opening and closing times for your nearest location is a daunting task. This can be done quickly using Store Locator or Google Maps.

Here are guidelines for using these simple tools to find your nearest stapler store and hours of operation.

Store finder

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  • Visit their official website
  • Click on "Store Locator" in the customer service section below.
  • You can use the store locator from
  • You will find a list of listed stores with city names or you can search by city or state.
  • Click on the nearest store for opening hours, directions, and other Staples details.


  • Grab your device and go
  • Type "Staples" or "Staples Near Me" into the search bar.
  • You will see a list of Staples stores near you.
  • Click on the nearest.
  • You'll find store details, including Staples hours of operation.

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About paper clips

Nowadays, people don't just order products for their home or office. Instead, they want to discover better ways to find work-life solutions.

Staples is the place to find solutions for finding tools and inspiration for business requirements, technology, facilities and break rooms, furniture, printing and promotional products.

Staple Company happened when two former rivals,Leo KaniThomas G.Stembergthe retail supermarket industry came together. The first Staple store opened in Boston in 1986.

The growth of this company accelerated quickly after the opening of the first store in Boston. The company later expanded its locations into remote areas of the Northeast. It now has 1,040 stores and 40 warehouses, headquartered in Framingham, Massachusetts, United States.

Staples is the nation's largest wholesaler of office supplies, providing services such as electronics, stationery, folders and binders, office supplies, ink and toner, furniture, printing services and more.

With their creative and big ideas, you can create an environment that reflects the personality of your company and the working style of your team.

Staples has always been passionately involved in community efforts and is always looking for more ways to travel the world with their time and resources for community service.


Staples can be the best place to buy low-cost electronics, furniture, and office supplies, especially for new and small business owners.

If you plan to go to Staples, it's important to know Staples hours in advance. If you lose information about Staples, you can get help from this post.

In this article you will find the necessary information about the opening hours of Staples such as opening times and hours, opening hours during holidays and the nearest location. We hope this helps to clear up all your questions and concerns.


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When did Staples first open? ›

The first store was opened in the Brighton neighborhood of Boston in 1986. Staples started with backing from private equity firms including Bain Capital; Bain co-founder Mitt Romney served on the company's board of directors for the next 15 years, helping shape their business model.

Who took over Staples? ›

Lyreco successfully acquires Staples Solutions' business operations in Central & Nordic Europe | Lyreco Group.

What did Staples used to be called? ›

1990: First stores in California are opened. In 1991, Staples founded its Canadian subsidiary, The Business Depot, and began opening stores under that name, though over a decade later, all stores were renamed as "Staples". The first store opened in Vaughan, Ontario, north of Toronto.

What is Staples famous for? ›

The retailer provides office and school supplies, office furnishings, electronics, software, snack and beauty products, as well as offering printing and technological services. Apart from over 2,000 Staples retail stores operating worldwide, the company also has a strong online presence.

Did Office Depot buy out Staples? ›

Staples and Office Depot have tried tie-ups before in hopes of gaining scale and becoming the country's singular office supply store. But the retailers abandoned efforts to combine in a $6.3 billion deal in 2016 after the Federal Trade Commission sued to block the proposed merger on antitrust grounds.

Will Staples buy Office Depot? ›

The separation is expected to be complete by the first half of 2022. In January, ODP turned down an offer by Staples to buy the company for $2.1 billion in cash, saying it was unlikely to overcome regulatory challenges.

Will Staples fall out? ›

Unlike stitches, surgical staples don't dissolve as your incision or wound heals. For this reason, they require some special care and must be removed by your doctor once the incision has healed.

What is the biggest staples? ›

Heavy Wire: The thickest kind of staple, usually between 15 - 16 gauge thickness. This kind of staple is best utilized in heavy-duty projects like construction or roofing.

What are the two types of staples? ›

Types of Staples

Staples are manufactured in two styles. Staples include flat crown and rounded crown styles. Flat crown staples have a flat top or crown and are used for general fastening. Rounded crown staples have a curved top and are used to secure wire, tubing, and other rounded items to flat surfaces.

Why are there two types of staples? ›

Large staples might be used with a hammer or staple gun for masonry, roofing, corrugated boxes and other heavy-duty uses. Smaller staples are used with a stapler to attach pieces of paper together; such staples are a more permanent and durable fastener for paper documents than the paper clip.

What foods are rich in staples? ›

Rice, corn (maize), and wheat make up two-thirds of this. Other food staples include millet and sorghum; tubers such as potatoes, cassava, yams, and taro; and animal products such as meat, fish, and dairy. Food staples traditionally depend on what plants are native to a region.

What country invented staples? ›

However, that all changed when George McGill received U.S. patent #56,587 for “small, bendable paper fasteners” in 1866. This patent was the start of creating the everyday item known as the modern stapler.

How do I choose the right staples? ›

Standard rule. An excellent rule for choosing the right staple length for your application is to take the thickness of the material your fastening and multiply it by three. So if the material you are fastening is 6mm thick, you should go with a staple length of 18mm.

When were furniture Staples invented? ›

In 1866, George McGill received U.S. patent 56,587 for a small, bendable brass paper fastener that was a precursor to the modern staple. In 1867, he received U.S. patent 67,665 for a press to insert the fastener into paper.

Why did Staples fail? ›

The shift in merchandise strategy was not matched by investment in the business—dividends and repurchases were 50 percent greater than capital expenditures. Staples had clearly decided that its future was no longer in stores, and no longer in office supplies.

Is Staples losing money? ›

Sales at the company's established stores in North America fell 5%, worse than the 3.1% drop analysts polled by research firm Consensus Metrix had expected. Staples also reported a net loss of $766 million, or $1.18 per share, compared with a profit of $36 million, or 6 cents per share, a year earlier.

Are Quill and Staples the same company? ›

Yes. is a subsidiary of Staples, Inc.

What does 24 6 mean in staples? ›

Staples are often described as X/Y (e.g. 24/6 or 26/6), where the first number X is the gauge of the wire (AWG), and the second number Y is the length of the shank (leg) in millimeters. Some exceptions to this rule include staple sizes like No.

What was the first piece of furniture ever made? ›

Archaeological research shows that from around 30,000 years ago, people started to construct and carve their own furniture, using wood, stone, and animal bones. Early furniture from this period is known from artwork such as a Venus figurine found in Russia, depicting the goddess on a throne.

What size are T50 staples? ›

Keep your staple gun ready for use with these Arrow T50-type 1/2-inch staples. Complete heavy-duty stapling tasks with these Arrow T50-type staples. The 1/2-inch thickness works on a wide variety of materials, including foam, padding, carpeting and batting, while the durable construction ensures a secure fasten.

What is the longest Staples can stay in? ›

Surgical staples need to stay in for a few days or up to 21 days (in some cases) before they can be removed.

What are the negatives of Staples? ›

On the downside, staples are more expensive than stitches. It can also be somewhat difficult to align the edges of a wound for stapling, and some patients may have adverse psychological responses to the idea of stapling.

Is Costco a consumer staple? ›

Costco Wholesale's sector is Consumer Staples.

Is Staples trying to buy Office Depot again? ›

The parent company of Staples remains determined to acquire its chief rival. USR Parent reaffirmed its proposal to acquire the consumer business of the ODP Corp., parent of Office Depot and OfficeMax, for $1.0 billion in cash. The proposal was delivered to the company on June 4, 2021, and remains unchanged.

Does Staples make money? ›

The retail business generated just $6.67 billion revenue in 2016, with comparable sales slumping 5%. The stores are still profitable, with an operating margin of 4.8%, but that's down 52 basis points compared to 2015.

Where are Staples made from? ›

General office staples are made of zinc-plated steel wire. They start their life in a thick coil. The coil is unrolled, drawn through steel dies to reduce the wire to its proper diameter, and rolled back into heavy 2,500-pound rolls.

Are quill pens still made? ›

Quill pens are still used today mainly by professional scribes and calligraphers. Quills are also used as the plectrum material in string instruments, particularly the harpsichord.

Does Quill price match Staples? ›

Preferred Price Match

If you're a Preferred customer and you see a lower price on the following websites, call your account manager and we'll match it:, (shipped and sold by Amazon),,,, WB, School and


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