RoyalTek PANASONIC GYRO RDR-3200 User Manual - (2023)

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RDR-3200 User Manual

RDR-3200 (Panasonic Gyro)

Version 1.0
June 2, 2009

This document contains information that is strictly confidential to RoyalTek Company LTD
(RoyalTek). It is provided solely for the purpose of business conversations between
user and RoyalTek and is subject to the provisions of the applicable non-
Disclosure Agreements. Disclosure of this information to other parties is not permitted
without the written permission of RoyalTek.


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Contents of the RDR-3200 User Manual 1. Introduction..................................... .................................................... ...... ..... .. ........3 2. Product feature ......................... ......... .... .... ................................. ............ ... ..... ...3 3. Specification ....................... ............. ........ ............................. ........... .. ....... .4 4. Reference design of the gyroscope and the odometer ............... ............... ..... ...5 4.1 Block system diagram

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RDR-3200 User Manual 1. Introduction RoyalTek RDR-3200 is the latest generation of RoyalTek GPS module with integrated Dead Reckoning technology. The RDR-3200 includes dead reckoning sensors to track your vehicle's course when your GPS signal is blocked, such as in urban areas or tunnels. If you lose GPS coverage in areas with tall buildings or tunnels, the RDR-3200 will continue navigating. This document describes the recommended schematic and layout of the gyroscope and odometer circuit, and

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RDR-3200 User Manual 3. GPS Chipset Specification - Star III GPS Gsc3f/LPX Chipset Frequency - L1 1575.42MHz Channel - 20 Channels C/A Code - 1023MHz Chipset Repair Time - Reacquisition: Less than 0.1s (open air) - Hot Hot Start: 1s - Warm Start: 35s - Cold Start: 35s Accuracy - Position: Within 10m for 90% - Velocity: 0.1m/s Interface Protocol - NMEA 0183 DGPS - Default is Disabled WAAS - Default is WAAS Disabled Altitude - Maximum speed at 18,000 meters - 514 meters/s

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RDR-3200 User Manual 4. Gyroscope Reference Design and Odometer Construction 4.1 System Block Diagram (Panasonic SKU) 5 RoyalTek Confidential

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RDR-3200 User Manual 4.2 Application circuit Figure 1 illustrates the proposed schematic diagram of the gyroscope, odometer and RDR-3200. RDR-3200 supports Gyro, Panasonic. Note the split design between the gyroscope circuit, the RDR-3200 and the odometer input. It is better to use 2 types of soil. The input voltage of the odometer is usually around 12 V. It sends the voltage level that corresponds to the I/O voltage level of the RDR-3200. Photocoupler transistors also isolate noise

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RDR-3200 User Manual Figure 2 Auxiliary Battery Circuit V_3V3 Battery SCH D12 TP37 RB705D R40 220 D13 B1 RB705D PIN3(RTC_3V3) 7 RoyalTek Confidential 2 3 1 2 1 1 1 2 3 1

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RDR-3200 User Manual 5. Interface 5.1 Connector type: 20-pin header, 2.0 mm pitch (J2) Pin Signal name I/O Description Functions NO 1 N.C No Connector 2 GPS 5V I +5V DC Input power DC +5V ± 5% . 3 RTC (Backup I user power DC +2.6 ~ DC +2.6 ~ +3.6 V. voltage) +3.6 V Current ≤ 10uA without battery 4 GPS 5 V I +5 V DC power input 5 Reset I Reset ( Active Low) V > 2.3 V V < 0.8 V IH IL 3.15 ≥ V ≥ 1.995 V -0.3 V ≤ V ≤ 0.855 V 6 Start I Start Mode IH IL 7 Backward (Reverse) I Forward

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RDR-3200 User Manual RXD1 This is the main receive channel and is used to receive software commands to the board from SIRFdemo software or from user software. RXD2 This is an additional receiving channel that communicates with the car computer via the CAN bus. TXD1 This is the main transmission channel and is used to output navigation and measurement data to SiRFdemo or user written software. TXD2 This is an auxiliary transmitter channel that communicates with the PC in the car via the can bus DOMETER Thi

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RDR-3200 User Manual This pin receives the analog GPS signal. The line on the circuit board between the antenna (or antenna connector) should be a controlled impedance line (microstrip at 50 Ω). This pin can provide up to 30mA @ 2.85V for the active antenna. 6. Product image TOP: Bottom: 10 RoyalTek confidential

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RDR-3200 User Manual 7. Mechanical Layout 11 RoyalTek confidential

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RDR-3200 User Manual 8. SW protocol 8.1 GPS output protocol Communication settings: Data rate: 38400, n, 8, 1 UARTA broadcasts GPS NMEA 0183 V3.0 protocol and RoyalTek DR protocol. There are 4 types of sentences that are printed as the following table: Table 1-1 NMEA-0183 output messages NMEA record description GGA Global Positioning System Fixed data GSA GNSS DOP and active satellites GSV GNSS satellites in display RMC Recommended minimum specific GNSS data Ro

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RDR-3200 User Manual 16 Delta Vehicle acceleration angle per second (unit = degrees), +: turn right, '-': turn left. Odometer last second pulse count 17 Odometer/CAN bus pulse counter sensor. The unit is pulse/second. 18 Delta distance Delta distance from the last second. (unit=meter) 1: Receive and execute 19-card matching status phrase; 0: Does not receive sentences that match the card. Check the sum and separator to complete the sentence. 20 *ccChecksum-algoritme

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RDR-3200 User Manual E/W Indicator W E=East or W=West Position Fixed Indicator 1 See Table 1-4 Satellites Used 07 Range 0 to 12 HDOP 1.0 Horizontal Dilution Accuracy MSL Altitude 9.0 meters Units M Meters Geoid Separation Meters Units M Meters Age Miscellaneous Cor. other Null fields when DGPS is not used Misc. ref. Station ID 0000 Checksum *18 <CR><LF> End Message End Table 1-2 Position Fix Indicators Value Description 0 Fix not available or invalid

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RDR-3200 User Manual 8.1.3 GSA-GNSS DOP and Active Satellites Table 1-5 contains the values ​​of the following example: $GPGSA,A,3,07,02,26,27,09,04,15, , , , , , 1.8,1.0,1.5*33 15 RoyalTek Confidential

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RDR-3200 User Manual Table 1-1 GSA Data Format Name Example Units Description Message ID $GPGSA GSA Protocol Header Mode 1 A See Table 1-6 Mode 2 3 See Table 1-7 Used Satellite 07 Sv On Channel 1 Used Satellite 02 Sv on channel 2... .... Used satellite Sv on channel 12 PDOP 1.8 Precision Position Dilution HDOP 1.0 Horizontal Precision Dilution VDOP 1.5 Vertical Precision Dilution Checksum *33 <CR><LF> Message Interrupt End Table 1-2 Mod 1 Value De

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RDR-3200 User Manual 8.1.4 GSV GNSS satellites in view Table 1-8 contains the values ​​of the following example: $GPGSV,2,1,07,07,79,048,42,02,51,062,43,26 ,36,256 ,42, 27,27,138,42*71 $GPGSV,2,2,07,09,23,313,42,04,19,159,41,15,12,041,42*41 Table 1-8 GSV Data Format Name Example Units Description Message ID $GPGSV GSV protocol header 1 Number of messages 2 Range 1 to 3 1 Number of messages 1 Range 1 to 3 Satellites in display 07 Satellite ID 07 Channel 1 (Range 1 to 32) Altitude 79

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RDR-3200 User Manual 8.1.5 RMC Recommended Minimum Specific GNSS Data Table 1-9 contains values ​​of the following example: $GPRMC,161229.487,A,3723.2475, N,12158.3416,W,0.13,309.62,120598,, , A *10 Table 1-1 RMC Data Format Name Example Unit Description Message ID $GPRMC RMC Protocol Header UTC Position 161229.487 hhmmss.sss Status A A=data valid or V=data not valid Latitude 3723.2475 ddmm.mmmm N/S indicator N N= north or S =south longitude 12158.3416 dddmm.mmmm E/W India

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RDR-3200 User Manual GPS DR (UART A) Input command The input command is used to send the navigation program a command to the DR. 8.2.1 $MMF This MMF command is used to enable the navigation program to send map matching information to the DR module to update the device's current position and azimuth angle using the known information. See section 2.2 DR calibration with digital map data for more information. $MMF, Delta_Latitude,A,Delta_Longitude,A,Delta_Cog,A*c

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RDR-3200 User Manual Transfer Examples: GetcurrentGPSPPosition Source:(24.106928,N,120.299588,E)(213.19) (Unit=DD.MMSSSS) Result:(tounit=degree) Lat=24+10/60+69.28/3600(if is used , Lat*‐1.0)=24.185911 Long=120+29/60+95.88/3600(ifSisused,Long*‐1.0)=120.5100 ConverterGPSInfoFormat (Unit=degree) Command description: Parameter:(156,A(para1), 288,A (section2),10,A(section3)) Presentation: retrieved MMFC command Ifpara1='A',Lat=Lat(24.1859)+

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