7 Awesome Coworking Spaces in El Segundo, CA (2023)

Vind Coworking in El Segundo

Ready to spice up your telecommuting game? Then it's time to choose a coworking space in El Segundo, a bustling Californian city near Silicone Beach. From green energy initiatives to robotic advancements, the city is also emerging as a leader in driving progress. Unsurprisingly, most shared office spaces here are a boon to progress through collaboration and visibility.

Most of El Segundo's coworking spaces provide a fresh working atmosphere and energy. They can also increase your productivity while enjoying the city's exciting nightlife and diverse business culture. In addition, with a mixtechnology startups, freelancers and everything in between, you're sure to find your work tribe.So whether you're a jet-setter or a hometown hero, check out these top picks in El Segundo, CA.

Coworking prostori El Segundo, CA

Choose one of these El Segundo coworking spaces to give your business the space it deserves.


Prostori the second

7 Awesome Coworking Spaces in El Segundo, CA (1)

Get ready to navigate LA's concrete jungle like a pro with Spaces' prime location on Sepulveda Boulevard. The location is connected to multiple metro lines for better accessibility. Here you can impress your colleagues with a hearty lunch on site when you are hungry. Or you can enjoy a fancy lunch in one of the many restaurants in the area. So tap into the energy of like-minded people and watch your business grow at the Spaces coworking space in El Segundo.

Spaces also offers various facilities, such as three meeting rooms with the latest equipment. There are 330 parking spaces where members can park their vehicles. Take advantage of the lounge areas or the beautiful outdoor suites when you need a break from work. In addition, the space continues to host regular networking events to keep you in touch with the right people.

Prices:Office space is available for $465 per month and coworking is available for $255 per person per month. A dedicated desk and virtual office are available for $445 and $119 per month. In addition, meeting room rates start at $65/hour.

Place: 360 N Pacific Coast Highway Suite 2000, El Segundo, CA 90245, United States

web page:https://www.spacesworks.com/los-angeles/el-segundo-lax

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Telephone: (424) 367-1100


WeWork Coworking-expert El Segundo, CA

7 Awesome Coworking Spaces in El Segundo, CA (2)

WeWork is not just a company, but the epitome of shared spaces that know their game well. His chic El Segundo place takes up not one, two or three, but four fantastically designed floors of a 20-story building. With luxurious lounges, state-of-the-art meeting rooms and elegant private offices, every deal is at your fingertips. Moreover, it is easy to get here, thanks to the nearby green metro line and ample parking options. This coworking space in El Segundo is heaven on earth and it can bebenefits your mental healthconsiderable.

Additional amenities include a wellness area, recreational games, electric vehicle charging and lockable delivery rooms. There are technical experts on site to ensure the smooth running of your business. The common area is disinfected and cleaned daily. And if you want to take your four-legged friend to work, WeWork has you covered.

Prices:Here you can book a private office, a dedicated desk, an office on the entire floor and a coworking space. However, their price is available upon request. Other options include a hot desk for $29 and a conference room for $10/seat/hour.

Place: 222 Pacific Coast Hwy, El Segundo, CA 90245, United States

web page:https://www.wework.com/en-GB/buildings/222-pacific-coast-hwy–los-angeles–CA

Telephone: (424) 266-8386


Bizhaus El Segundo Coworking-prostor

7 Awesome Coworking Spaces in El Segundo, CA (3)

Bizhaus' El Segundo coworking space is home to a vibrant working community. The place is near popular dining and entertainment venues. If you have an office here, you might also enjoy cycling to work through the quiet streets of the seaside town. Furthermore, the community here is next level as they jointly organize various events that promote bonding.

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This coworking space in El Segundo prides itself on providing its members with the benefits that matter most to them. In addition to a high-speed internet connection, you get ergonomic furniture and reception services. They serve specialty coffees and teas to keep you focused throughout the day. In addition, this shared space understands the importance of oneclean and tidyenvironment, so it has professional personnel for disinfection.

Prices:Private offices start at $810 and go up to $3,120 per month, depending on size. Teams and tables are available for $1,200 and $175 per month.

Place: 1730 E Holly Ave, El Segundo, CA 90245, Verenigde Staten

web page:https://www.bizhaus.com/el-segundo-office-space/

Telephone: (310) 870-1730


unit de tweede

7 Awesome Coworking Spaces in El Segundo, CA (4)

Unità coworking space in El Segundo, CA has a fun and beachy interior. They put everything behind local businesses and generously lend their event space to area nonprofits. In addition, it is buzzing in the space of artistic, musical and cultural affairs. In short, they are a one stop shop if you are looking for a comprehensive space.

Their benefits are just as amazing. Unità offers 24/7 access to the building with multiple parking spaces. There are business printers and a fast wifi connection. There is also a 3D printing lab and a Makerlab for designers. If you're a digital nomad, you'll love the podcasts and AR/VR studios. Moreover, you will find delicious snacks, tea and coffee throughout the day.

Prices:There's a native membership for $1,400, dedicated desks for $600, and coworking for $450.

Place: 215 Arena St, El Segundo, CA 90245, United States

web page:https://www.unita.club/workspace/elsegundo

Telephone: (310) 480-2728


First-class workspaces

7 Awesome Coworking Spaces in El Segundo, CA (5)

Premier Workspace's PCT Building, located in El Segundo, California, is a shining trophy of architectural excellence. Brag about the desiredLEED Gold certificationand Energy Star rating, this building is perfect for environmentally conscious workers. Floor-to-ceiling windows allow you to enjoy breathtaking views of the LA skyline, LAX and the Palo Verdes Peninsula. In addition, their contract offers flexible terms, which you can take advantage of if you want to reduce some services.

Premium coworking spaces in El Segundo offer several valuable benefits. There are fully equipped private offices, a high-speed network, mail collection and support staff. Plus, the fully equipped kitchen is always stocked with snacks. This El Segundo coworking space also offers its members a professional address to add value to their business.

Place: 222 N. Pacific Coast Highway, Suite 2000, El Segundo, CA 90245, United States

web page:https://www.premierworkspaces.com/california/el-segundo

Telephone: (310) 364-5200

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CENTRL Ured El Segundo

7 Awesome Coworking Spaces in El Segundo, CA (6)

The CENTRL Office coworking space in El Segundo is built for tranquility and productivity. This sanctuary allows you to escape the chaos and find your perfect focus. In addition, you will share space with like-minded people who will motivate and inspire you. And did we mention that CENTRL Office is only 10 minutes from the beach?

The benefits list contains a wealth of benefits for you to enjoy. High-speed internet, printers and scanners, on-site parking and cleaning services are just the beginning. The living room and lobby will be your sanctuary. For those in need of a daily dose of caffeine, rest easy - free coffee and an endless supply of tea are right at your fingertips. And the icing on the cake? The events room is the place to be for organizing all kinds of events, from meetings to workshops. For eco-conscious cyclists, daily storage is a convenient option in this EL Segundo coworking space.

Prices:CENTRL offers its clients monthly offices, coworking, meeting rooms and virtual offices. Prices for these options are available on request.

Place: 840 Apollo St #100, The Second, CA 90245, United States

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web page:https://centrloffice.com/locations/california-los-angeles-south-bay/

Telephone: (424) 426-5855


Regus Overig LAX

7 Awesome Coworking Spaces in El Segundo, CA (7)

The Regus LAX Continental Grand coworking space is a beautiful steel and glass workspace in the affluent neighborhood of El Segundo. You may even bump into some big Chevron or Mattel executives to grab networking opportunities. It helps you stay focused with the well-lit, elegant rooms or take a break and relax amidst the soothing fountains and gardens. When you're done, head to Manhattan Beach for a scenic stroll along the water. Or take a look at the many trendy shops, cafes or restaurants in the area.

Regus coworking space in El Segundo has you covered when it comes to amenities. You'll have everything you need from fast wifi to unlimited coffee, business printers and free newspapers. And if you need to call at the last minute, the business lounge is the perfect place. You can also take a breather in one of the breakout zones. Plus, the community is full of growth-oriented professionals, making it easy to connect with like-minded people in your field.

Prices:Reserve office space for $355 per month and coworking space for $339 per person per month. You can also choose from virtual office and meeting rooms starting at $109 per month and $29 per hour.

Place: LAX Continental Grand, 6th Floor, 400 Continental Blvd, El Segundo, CA 90245, Verenigde Staten

web page:https://www.regus.com/en-us/united-states/california/el-segundo

Telephone: (310) 426-2000

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Coworking spaces in EL Segundo are a great way to pursue and achieve your work goals. These spaces are the best in terms of content and services. In addition, the locations are close to the beach or great restaurants, parks or hiking trails. Lots of opportunities to network and grow your team and business are added benefits. So make a wise decision and choose the one you like the most.

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Why people thrive in coworking spaces answer? ›

Flexibility and Freedom

Coworking spaces offer a flexible work environment, allowing people to work on their own terms. Unlike traditional offices, coworking spaces offer 24/7 access, allowing members to work when they want, how they want.

Why do coworking spaces fail? ›

How Coworking space businesses have failed ? – An important factor in the failure was a lack of effective planning and advertising. – Co-work enterprises are promoting more without having a unique selling proposition, and hence failing to attract additional clients.

How do I find the perfect coworking space? ›

21 Tips to Choose the Best Coworking Space for Your Business
  1. Location.
  2. Budget.
  3. Economical.
  4. Transportation.
  5. Future Proof.
  6. Amenities.
  7. Safety.
  8. Infrastructure.

How to make money in cowork space? ›

The main source of income for most coworking spaces is the rental of workstations. Apart from private workstations, several coworking spaces also rent out separate cabins and shared work areas. Several of them also give a flexible pricing option where consumers may choose from a variety of customizable options.

What are the disadvantages of coworking? ›

10 Disadvantages of Coworking Spaces
  • Less Value for Money. Many businesses opt for a coworking space over private office alternatives in order to reduce overheads and save money. ...
  • Noise and Distractions. ...
  • Reduced Productivity. ...
  • Lack of Privacy. ...
  • Lack of Exclusivity. ...
  • Lack of Luxury. ...
  • Poor Customer Service. ...
  • Limited Growth.

What makes people happy in a work environment? ›

Factors like a healthy work environment, fair compensation, access to employer-sponsored benefits, opportunities for development and the potential for advancement commonly contribute to employees feeling content in their roles.

Is coworking the future of work? ›

Coworking is becoming one of the fastest growing industries thanks to the consequences of the pandemic and the rise of hybrid work, and beyond 2023, the industry is only expected to grow. As of June 2022, over 28,000 coworking spaces exist around the world. In the US, there are over 6,200 alone.

Who uses coworking spaces the most? ›

Freelancers are common inhabitants of coworking spaces since having a home office isn't a guarantee, and even if you do have space for one, the number of distractions can be endless when you are at home.

Is it worth paying for a coworking space? ›

In our experience, a coworking space will provide excellent value for money, and it's a good investment in yourself and your business. A coworking space is worth the money because it will bring you stability, structure, new acquaintances, and possible clients.

What does a good workspace look like? ›

Design working environments that are safe, comfortable and hassle-free. Ideal workspaces are those where people feel free to move around, don't feel tied to their desks, and create more opportunities for creative collaboration. That's where co-working spaces like ours come into play.

Can you talk in coworking space? ›

While you shouldn't try to chat with someone deeply focused on their work, small talk can be great in the cafeteria or lounge. Being social and meeting other new interesting people is one of the biggest benefits of joining a coworking space — especially if you're living abroad.

What makes an ideal workspace? ›

Your workspace should be easily accessible from different parts of your geographic area, making it fast and easy for employees to commute to from wherever they live. It's also helpful if your office is located somewhere with a nice view (and plenty of windows that allow your team members to take it in).

What is the profit margin on a coworking space? ›

Based on our own analysis, coworking spaces can reach profit margin (EBITDA margin) of around 10-20% once they manage to reach full capacity, typically 12-16 months after opening. The expenses, expressed as a % of revenue, can be divided between: Rent (30-40%) depending on the location and surface.

How much area per person for coworking space? ›

Getting the right amount of space for your needs

Traditional workstations require 75 to 95 square feet per employee. Consider a 100-square-foot kitchenette with no seating and private offices and conference spaces of 120 to 150 square feet. Coworkers should have 100 to 250 square feet each, on average.

What is important for coworking space? ›

Provide great utilities. Utilities are some of the most important aspects of coworking spaces. Utilities such as high-speed internet are very important for a conducive coworking space. This is because it is the main thing those paying to share this space are highly reliant on.

Who benefits from coworking space? ›

A coworking space helps employees replicate that sense of community they may be missing in the virtual workplace. A coworking space allows workers to interact with like-minded individuals and those with different perspectives for a well-rounded experience. The primary benefit of a coworking space is flexibility.

What are the biggest challenges faced by coworking spaces? ›

  • A Lack of Privacy. Privacy is a major concern for many people when it comes to coworking spaces. ...
  • Poor Security. One of the biggest challenges when it comes to coworking spaces is security. ...
  • Noise Levels. Noise levels can be a major issue in coworking spaces. ...
  • Insufficient Equipment. ...
  • Poor Management of the Coworking Space.
Apr 14, 2022

What makes a coworking space unique? ›

Seating layouts that vary from one another

It's possible that shared coworking spaces will have anything from the typical office chair set-up to beanbags, colorful wing chairs, and even stairs with throw pillows. A change of scenery, even from a standing desk to an ergonomic wing chair, gives the brain new ideas.

What are 5 things that make you happy? ›

Here are five ways you can boost your happiness on a daily basis.
  • Practice Daily Gratitude. Expressing gratitude has been shown to do more than improve your mood. ...
  • Surround Yourself with Positive People. ...
  • Do Regular Acts of Kindness. ...
  • Spend More Time with Family and Friends. ...
  • Spend Money on Experiences Instead of Things.

What are the three most important things in the workplace? ›

The 13 Workplace Factors
  • All people in the workplace are held accountable for their actions.
  • People at work show sincere respect for others' ideas, values and beliefs.
  • Difficult situations at work are addressed effectively.
  • Staff feel that they are part of a community at work.
  • Staff and management trust one another.

What are the co working trends for 2023? ›

One of the key coworking trends for 2023 is an increased focus on security and privacy. As more and more employees work remotely, there is a greater need for secure, private workspaces where people can come together to collaborate on projects.

What is the challenge of coworking space? ›

Nearly all employees face challenges in their coworking space. Still, one-third would prefer to work in a coworking space over another type of workspace. The top challenges of coworking spaces are distractions/noise, lack of privacy, limited space, insufficient equipment, and inability to personalize their workspace.

What is the difference between office space and coworking space? ›

Office spaces and meeting rooms offer quiet, professional environments with fewer distractions and scheduling conflicts. Individual production. Rather than the collaboration and networking that happens in coworking spaces, traditional offices encourage individual work. Professional client-facing environment.

What should you avoid in a workspace? ›

Learn to recognize these 5 workplace traps and how to avoid them:
  • Complaining. No workplace ever runs smoothly, but complaining won't solve the problems. ...
  • Gossip. Gossip reduces productivity—if you're gossiping, you're not working. ...
  • Inappropriate online activities. ...
  • Comparisons. ...
  • Worrying about things beyond your control.

Should you decorate your desk at work? ›

Why is decorating an office important? Decorating an office builds a comfortable work environment for employees. Each office has its own guiding themes for its decor, but the goal is often the same: lift morale to increase productivity. Eye-catching decorations help clients feel at ease while visiting your office.

What is a good office layout? ›

One of the most popular office layouts, the cellular office layout makes use of the entire floor space and divides it into individual offices that can be separated by closing a door. Here, each employee is isolated from the others, which can be ideal for work that usually needs to be done in a private setting.

What is etiquette in coworking space? ›

If you are working in a shared office space, coworking etiquette is to greet people as you see them. You don't have to go around the office and ask everyone how their weekend was, but you should show people the respect of recognising that they are a colleague when you see them as such.

How do you behave in a coworking space? ›

Expert Etiquette Rules and Best Practices When Working in a Coworking Space
  1. Be Mindful of Noise Management. ...
  2. Clean Up After Yourself. ...
  3. Be Considerate of the Shared Areas. ...
  4. Don't Overuse Services or Amenities. ...
  5. Be Resourceful. ...
  6. Know How and Where to Handle Delicate Work Situations. ...
  7. Sanitize Your Workspace. ...
  8. Clean Up After Yourself.
Dec 7, 2021

What does hot desk mean in coworking? ›

Hot-desking is an organizational workspace system in which desks are used by different people at different times, on an ad hoc basis. Typically, the aim is to maximize space efficiency and lessen real estate risk by reducing redundant office space.

What is a healthy work space? ›

According to the World Health Organization (WHO) healthy workplace model, it is an office that would address physical and psychosocial risks. It would also promote and support healthy behaviours. So a healthy workplace is basically a space where collaboration, health, safety, and wellbeing is promoted.

How do you create a positive workspace? ›

How Do You Create a Positive Work Environment?
  1. Establish a Strong Code of Ethics. ...
  2. Institute Inclusive Hiring Processes. ...
  3. Optimize Onboarding Strategies. ...
  4. Establish Clear Lines of Communication. ...
  5. Encourage Active Listening. ...
  6. Check In Regularly with Your Staff. ...
  7. Create Comfortable Working Situations.

How do I make my workspace beautiful? ›

How to Create a Workspace That Improves Productivity
  1. Don't focus too much on the physical layout. ...
  2. Create opportunities for movement. ...
  3. Get a plant. ...
  4. Give gadgets a home. ...
  5. Keep your space clean. ...
  6. Get personal.
Feb 21, 2023

Is 75% a good profit margin? ›

What is a Good Profit Margin? You may be asking yourself, “what is a good profit margin?” A good margin will vary considerably by industry, but as a general rule of thumb, a 10% net profit margin is considered average, a 20% margin is considered high (or “good”), and a 5% margin is low.

What is a 75% profit margin? ›

The gross profit margin is a measure to show how much of each sales dollar a company keeps after factoring in cost of goods sold. For example, if a company has a gross profit margin of 75 percent, then for every $1 in sales, the company will keep 75 cents.

What is a 70 profit margin? ›

For example, if you sold $10 pens that cost $3 to make, package and ship, your gross margin on each pen is 70%.

How much office space do I need for 25 employees? ›

According to Office Finder, it's best to allow about 175 square feet of space for each person who works in your office. Leaders and executives usually require between 200 and 400 foot square feet. Open office workstations only require about 100 square feet per person. Admittedly, that's tough to visualize.

How much office space do I need for 30 people? ›

The standard rule for open office space per person is to allow 50 square feet (4.6 sqm) per desk and an additional 50 square feet (4.6 sqm) per person for communal areas.

How much office space do I need for 50 people? ›

Meaning a 50-person office would need five conference rooms, private workstations, and/or communal areas. For the more traditional offices, with 250 to 300 square feet per employee, you'll need fewer communal workspaces. The typical ratio here would be one conference room per 20 employees.

What features would entice people to join a coworking space? ›

How to Attract Members in Coworking Spaces — 5 Tactics That Never Fail
  • Build a Coworking Space Brand to Attract More Members. Before you start, you need to come up with a strong coworking brand positioning. ...
  • Create Membership Benefits. ...
  • Organize Events. ...
  • Promote Coworking Space Online. ...
  • Tailor Your Offers to Members' Needs.
Jul 12, 2022

Why do people like to work for big companies? ›

Working at a large company gives you many professional opportunities. For starters, you will have access to a larger network, which can pay dividends down the line. And, your career path may be clearer. Most large companies have a specific set of rules for evaluations, raises, and promotions.

What are the core values of a coworking space? ›

Simply put, five core principles, that of collaboration, openness, sustainability, accessibility, and community, have been a key propellant to why coworking has become a global trend in business. Below, we have outlined in detail why these values hold such great status within coworking culture.

Who is the target market of co working spaces? ›

Freelancers and solopreneurs

Freelancers are the most common clients for coworking spaces. These are the clients who work remotely by themselves as they have short-term contracts with businesses anywhere in the world. Unlike the typical office workers, freelancers do not need to work at a desk from 9 to 5.

Why coworking is the future? ›

Coworking is becoming one of the fastest growing industries thanks to the consequences of the pandemic and the rise of hybrid work, and beyond 2023, the industry is only expected to grow. As of June 2022, over 28,000 coworking spaces exist around the world. In the US, there are over 6,200 alone.

What do employees want most in a company? ›

Job stability and security

Giving regular constructive feedback. Empowering team members with a clear learning and development plan and/or employee development plan. Making leadership accessible for one-on-one meetings.

What are 3 advantages to big corporations? ›

The Top Benefits of a Large Company
  • Career development and opportunities. Formal training programs are often readily available in large companies, meaning there are more opportunities to develop and grow. ...
  • Learn from the best people. ...
  • Diverse community. ...
  • Networking. ...
  • Office perks. ...
  • Support outside of work.

Which industry has the highest average wages? ›

Highest-paying industries and jobs
  • Nuclear engineer. ...
  • Electrical engineer. ...
  • Aeronautical engineer. ...
  • Information technology manager. ...
  • Software engineer. ...
  • Financial advisor. National average salary: $69,855 per year. ...
  • Metallurgist. National average salary: $91,496 per year. ...
  • Chief legal officer. National average salary: $140,764 per year.
Feb 16, 2023

How profitable is a coworking space? ›

Based on our own analysis, coworking spaces can reach profit margin (EBITDA margin) of around 10-20% once they manage to reach full capacity, typically 12-16 months after opening.

What is ambience of a coworking space? ›

We subsequently define the coworking space ambience as the look and the feel of a work environment which can arouse certain moods in a particular place and its users. This includes both the appearance of workplaces and comfortability factors.

What are coworking objectives? ›

Coworking spaces provide small businesses, independent contractors and other workers a space to get work done, network and participate in their local business community.


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